by Michael Thomas - (posted on 08/22/19)
Warren Miller Discount Tickets
Warren Miller’s 2019 film, Timeless, is the 70th movie from Warren Miller Entertainment.

The following is directions for discounts for the Warren Miller shows at both locations.


Park West Theatre 11/1 7:30 pm 11/2 7:30 pm Link to purchase tickets https://www.parkwestchicago.com/ but this does include a steep fee from the theater. And unfortunately since the theater controls this EventBrite page, I couldn’t do a code that would get around those fees. The best way to purchase group tickets would be to call 303 253 6309 and as long as the order is placed 10 days before the show I can contact the Box Office at Park West to get those tickets printed and shipped to guests at $19 a ticket for groups of 10+. Downers Grove Tivoli Theater 10/29 7:00 pm There are two group options for Tivoli, since Warren Miller is managing the EventBrite for this show. For groups of 10 + we can do a group rate of $14 a ticket For groups that are placing their order in groups of 1-9 we can do a $2 off promo code on EventBrite. I went ahead and created a promo code ‘SKICLUB2019’ The link below automatically applies this $2 discount so no need to re-enter it. This code is good for 75 uses. Let me know if you need more. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/volkswagen-presents-warren-millers-timeless-downers-grove-tickets-69042787837?discount=SKICLUB2019

If you have any questions, contact me. Mike Thomas mike-mike1@att.net